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AMD Ryzen 7000 Threadripper Listed for Sale on Gray Market

Ryzen Threadripper Leak News Feature Image

There’s been little confirmation as of yet about a Ryzen 7000 Threadripper range, but a renowned leaker for PC hardware @YuuKi_AnS has revealed a picture of a Threadripper Pro 7985WX CPU. This is presumed to be utilising the SP6 form factor, which was leaked last year for AMD‘s EPYC sockets. SP6 is an LGA4844 style, and can support up to 128 cores at the maximum. Although there’s no official launch for this chip, it has been listed within the gray market (which are essentially unauthorised distribution channels like eBay).

The outer lining of the CPU indicated that this processor might be shipping to workstation manufacturers, which does imply that we are likely to be getting Zen-4 (or Ryzen 7000) workstation CPUs. This alleged Threadripper processor sits in a matte orange frame, and is listed as having a 350W TDP (which is to be expected of a Threadripper processor). It is worth noting as well that the processor part number does match with a rumoured OPN for the exact same CPU, which suggests this CPU has 64 cores and 128 threads.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see any pricing that came with the leaked listing. However, we were able to see that the condition of this Theadripper chip is “functional and without repairs”. Based on the rectangular design of this process, we are able to assume that it is likely to be based on the SP6 socket. SP6 supports eight-channel DDR5 which is double what Zen3-based products used in the past. Despite SP6′ support for this, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all SP6-based products will utilise all eight channels of memory.

On the current market, the previous generation’s Threadripper Pro 5000WX CPUs are the best options for workstations, so this new range of upcoming options is likely to be the natural upgrade for consumers looking to ensure the best performance.

We’re pretty excited to see what the new Threadripper range of CPUs will offer, and based on rumours about the available tech, it is quite likely that these new chips will blow everyone away, especially for multi-threaded workloads. But it is worth being aware that Ryzen Threadripper CPUs do tend to come in at a pretty eye-watering price, so if you’re on a bit of a budget, we’d recommend looking at some cheaper alternatives.

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