April 1, 2023
United Kingdom

Passionate about tech and media production, we're a group of hardware geeks.

GeekaWhat was originally started as a hobby YouTube channel in 2013, by channel host James Cousins. The channel grew quickly, all with the aim of making technology and PC hardware more accessible. In the last 2 years GeekaWhat has gone from strength to strength, growing from 150,000 views per month on YouTube to more than 1million. 

Since mid-2020, James has built out a team of PC gaming and hardware geeks, determined to cover the latest and greatest tech. Dan Maxwell and Harry Coleman were two of the first in, helping to supercharge the output over on the GeekaWhat channel. Then, in November of 2021, Steve jumped onto the Geeka Media ship with more than 10 years of video production experience. Most recently we've also added a full-time writer, a number of freelance writers and a social media manager to our roster to deliver more of the content you love.

We're passionate about creating the best, organic content.

We work with brands and retailers alike to make our content possible, but we'll always stay true to our audience. This means providing honest thoughts and product recommendations, and never endorsing goods or services we don't see as providing value to our audience.

As part of our editorial promise, we'll never take money or other compensation from a brand in exchange for our recommendations. Any sponsored content will be clearly displayed as such - something agreed to by all our brand partners in advance of partnership discussions. We're proud to work with some of the best brands in technology, but our opinions will always remain our own. To learn more, read out editorial promise below.


Meet Our Team

GeekaWhat is only as good as the people who drive it forward. We're proud to be a team of tech-heads and gamers at heart - it's in our culture.  Learn more about our team below! Gaming is basically a right of passage here.

James Cousins

Founder & MD

Dan Maxwell

Video Editor & Motion Graphics

Harry Coleman

Account Manager & Hardware Performance Testing

Steve Richards

Video Editor

Jay Harris

Technical Writer (PC Hardware)

Aled Wheeler

Writer & Social Media Manager

Aleksander Wroniak

Freelance Writer

Our editorial promise.

To make our content possible, we collaborate with brands across the tech and gaming industry. We may also earn a commission when you shop through links on this site.

We will never take payments from a brand in exchange for product recommendations, nor shift our editorial direction at the instruction of a partner. Any advertorial content (in written form, or video-form on our YouTube channel), will be clearly disclosed as such. We also look to limit paid partners to ones that align with our values, and the content we see value in our audience consuming. 

Our content only has value to our audience (and brands for that matter), if it remains honest and trustworthy. It's for this reason our editing team have no oversight on the sales side of our business, and who our paid partners are month-to-month.

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