Steam Deck OLED Gets HDR Support for PS5 Remote Play

FI_Steam Deck OLED PS5 Remote Play News

Valve’s Steam Deck OLED released only weeks ago, providing consumers with a much-needed set of upgrades and quality of life features. The main focus of the new Steam Deck is the screen, in which users are able to enjoy a 1280×800 OLED display, offering additional vibrancy and quality versus the original model. The Steam Deck OLED has been received with massive success, with many users upgrading or picking up this new handheld for their home setup.

An open-source application known as Chiaki4Deck allows users to remotely connect to their PS5 on their home network. With some new updates, the remote play capability has received an upgrade in the form of HDR support. Unlike the PlayStation Portal handheld, Steam Deck OLED devices can now boost the visual fidelity of their PS5 remote play experience. It is worth noting though, that the HDR Remote Play only works with the PS5, not the PS4.

Chiaki4Deck Github Page

But how does this all work? Chiaki4Deck is a free remote play client for your PlayStation optimised for the Steam Deck. Playstation’s official Remote Play application is supported on both Windows, Android, and iOS, but Chiaki’s ‘special sauce’ is the fact that it is specifically geared towards Linux and console-modders. Which means you can play your PS5 games remotely from otherwise-unintended devices.

While many may argue that the PlayStation Portal is a better option for those just wanting to play PS5 games, the HDR upgrade on the Steam Deck will be worth it for a number of consumers. The Portal doesn’t have any built-in HDR support, and it also uses an IPS display as opposed to an OLED panel, which in the face of competing options, is an odd choice. However, this is a small sacrifice when you consider that the PlayStation Portal is only $199.

With this newest update to the Chiaki4Deck software, Valve’s Steam Deck OLED may be the definitive choice for handheld gaming. This console is able to run a myriad of games natively with minimal issues, while providing a flawless experience when emulating other titles and consoles. And because the Steam Deck is now easier to mod, and uses Linux as its operating system, this console is a dream-device. We might see Sony dip their toes into the handheld market over the coming years, providing alternative ways to run PS5 games natively. But for the time being the Steam Deck seems to be the definitive choice for a high fidelity PS5 Remote Play experience.

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