HYTE Y60 PC Case Down to $164.99 on Newegg!

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Black Friday may have passed, but there are still plenty of sales to be enjoy on Newegg, including a great deal on the wildly popular HYTE Y60 PC Case. Whilst this chassis has technically be reduced to $169.99 as part of the Black Friday discounts, a further $5 can be pocketed by using a discount code at checkout.

HYTE’s Y60 has been somewhat of a revelation since it first arrived on the scene in march 2022, leading to a surge in ‘fish-tank’ PC cases. These designs include a wrap-around glass panel, which allows you to see all of the inside of your PC build at all angles. However, this chassis isn’t all about looks.

Original Review by Jay Harris: HYTE Y60 Review – The Game-Changer Case

In our in-depth review of the HYTE Y60, we highlighted a number of ventilation features included within the design to provide optimal airflow to powerful components. Despite this design looking like an air trap that is bound to cause overheating troubles to occur, the Y60 adapts by adding ventilation along the bottom of the case, as well as re-positioning the radiator brackets to ensure cooling solutions are not restricted.

This case is also available in a range of colours, such as white, black, snow white, and red. This means you should have no issue finding a variant that matches the rest of your PC build and gaming setup.

Simply put, the HYTE Y60 is one of the best PC Cases on the market, which makes picking it up for a discount that much sweeter. If this case is perhaps too big for your liking, then HYTE’s Y40 case is also available at a discounted rate.

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