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Are New Radeon Graphics Cards Coming? PowerColor Potentially Leaks 10GB and 12GB 7600 XT

PowerColor Leaks 7600 XT Feature Image

According to an EEC listing from PowerColor, we could be seeing some new Radeon 7600 graphics cards in the coming months. The new alleged GPUs are the 7600 XT 10GB variant, and 12GB variant. These look to be two new mid-range cards, that could offer a slightly lower priced 1440p capable graphics card that aligns more with an RTX 4060 Ti when it comes to performance.

This card is likely to bring some pretty decent competition to the 4060 Ti, by offering slightly more VRAM, and likely with a lower price point. The vast majority of NVIDIA cards within the RTX 4000 range have been pretty expensive thus far, so it will be unsurprising if AMD are looking to undercut Team Green when it comes to their exorbitant pricing.

These cards could potentially shake up the mid-range and budget sides of the market, as the higher VRAM capacity is ideal for newer more intense games. We imagine that these new cards are likely to use Navi 32 silicon, which also appeared on the latest Radeon RX 7700 XT and 7800 XT. Consumers also won’t be losing any performance here, with both of these GPUs likely using 160-bit and 192-bit memory buses respectively. This is an issue that we saw with the 16GB variant of the 4060 Ti, which ended up being a relatively pointless graphics card.

It is worth noting that the 7600 XT will be slightly weaker than the 7700 XT and 7700 XT due to the cut-down silicon and less active compute units, such as the stream processors and ray accelerators. But regardless of this, we’re still expecting these new 7600 XT cards to be more powerful than their NVIDIA counterparts.

In the EEC listing, there are a number of different variations of AIB models that are supposedly releasing in 10GB and 12GB forms, such as the Hellhound OC, and Fighter OC options. We’re pretty excited to see an official announcement from AMD, as these new GPUs will fill out the already well fleshed out line-up of Radeon 7000 graphics cards.

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