May 25, 2022
United Kingdom
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NZXT Launches My Hero Academia-Themed PC Case, and it is Stunning


NZXT has announced a new anime themed PC case, in a collaboration with My Hero Academia. The ‘H510i All Might’ takes NZXT’s infamous H510i, adding a raft of design and practical features. NZXT say that they ‘drew inspiration from the captivating story of All Might to bring to life a case that’s steeped in the lore of My Hero Academia.’ The chassis is set to be the first in NZXT’s new CRFT lineup.


The chassis is certainly a spectacle, with the yellow, blue and red colour theme of the My Hero Academia anime engulfing an already attractive H510 base design. NZXT have tastefully painted their signature cable tidy a gloss red, which also carries over across the tempered glass side panel. The modest ATX form factor of the chassis works well for the design touches implemented by NZXT, and certainly looks different to anything else we have seen.

High-angle view of the NZT H510i All Might
Side view of the NZXT H510i All Might
Front view of the NZXT H510i All Might

Artwork of character ‘All Might’ adorns the rear of the case, with further graphics on the inside of the side panel (which shows through the CPU cutout on the motherboard tray), and in the top corner of the tempered glass sidepanel.


Much like the original H510i, the H510i All Might boasts a strong IO with a USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type C port on the front panel, strong cable management options and an integrated RGB strip at the top of the case. You also get a number of included 120mm fans, helping to break through some of the resistance from the solid front panel. Alongside this, a tempered glass side panel spans from the power supply area upwards, providing a great view of your component choices.

You also technically have support for mounting your GPU vertically, though the limited clearance of the tempered glass side panel makes this implementation less feasible. You’ll also want to ensure enough room for GPU airflow if taking advantage of this configuration, bearing in mind airflow is already far from this case’s strong point.

You’ll also find support for GPUs upto 381mm in length – great for the latest, bulky GPUs! With room for a 280mm radiator up front, and a 120mm radiator in the rear you also have some scope for an AIO cooler on your CPU. Fan support is a little limited, with a maximum of 4 x 120mm fans which can be installed, but this is a common trade-off seen in more compact cases like the H510.

Pricing & Release Date

NZXT say that the CRFT 10 H510i All Might will be available from April in the USA, Europe, the Middle East and Asia at a price point of $249.99 USD and £199.99 GBP. The price tag will certainly make you look twice, given the existing, standard H510i can be found for as little as $99 – but it is the unique design and limited production run you’re paying for, in addition to any licensing fees for the brand.

GeekaWhat Says…

The NZXT H510 All Might is one of the coolest, most unique looking chassis we have ever seen. The case looks incredible in the renders, and is sure to be a win in the eyes of fans of the My Hero Academia anime. We love NZXT’s drive to do something different, and add variety to the fairly stagnant PC case market.

With that being said, the price point is a bitter pill to swallow at a 150% premium over the current H510i at retail. This is compounded by the H510’s limited airflow and fan mounting that makes it feel in need of a slight refresh. We think the target market of this chassis aren’t likely to be too concerned by this. For hardcore fans of PC hardware and the My Hero Academia anime this is sure to be a must-have centrepiece for any gaming setup. It’s great to see something different, but you’ll certainly pay a price premium for it.

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