September 25, 2022
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Logitech Unveils Switch & Steam Deck Rival – But How Does It Compare?

Logitech G Cloud Feature


As part of their first ever live gaming event, Logi PLAY, Logitech revealed their brand-new gaming handheld device, the Logitch G Cloud. The announcement confirmed the design was in fact the same as the leaks which surfaced online a few weeks ago.

Logitech’s collaboration with tencent games on a cloud gaming handheld has been known about for some time, but now we know the capabilities of the device. But more importantly, we know how the device will compare to the competition.

Logitech’s First Gaming Handheld

In recent years, handhelds have slowly been finding their way back to popularity. Nintendo revolutionised the gaming industry with their announcement of the Switch, a hybrid console that lets gamers play in both docked and handheld modes. And earlier this year, the release of Valve’s Steam Deck elevated handhelds by introducing them to the world of PC gaming.

Since then, speculation over which company would be next to jump onto the handheld bandwagon has been non-stop. Logitech are the latest company to try their luck with the G Cloud. However, they have gone with a unique route of leaning towards cloud gaming, rather than opting for hybrid device.

According to Logitech, the G Cloud is designed to offer players a premium cloud gaming experience and gives them the freedom to play a large library of games from anywhere, without having to compromise. Both Xbox Game Pass and Nvidia GeForce Now have been confirmed to be compatible with the G Cloud, with remote play available via the Xbox and Steam Link apps. If that doesn’t cut it, the handheld also operates as an android tablet, meaning that additional games and apps can be downloaded through Google’s Play Store.

Looking at the G Cloud’s specifications, the handheld is made up of a 7-inch screen that offers 1080p at 60Hz, remappable controls, 64GB storage, a snapdragon 720G processor, stereo speakers, and an integrated microphone. It also supports bluetooth, USB-C, 3.5mm headphones, and Wi-Fi connection. But perhaps the best feature of the G Cloud is the proposed 12+ hours of battery life.

Steam Deck & Switch Comparison

As a new handheld, it is inevitable that Logitech’s G Cloud will be compared to both the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch. Both devices are the current leaders in the handheld market, making them the ones to beat. Whilst these comparisons may not be fair due to the G Cloud’s focus on cloud gaming, it does give a good idea as to who may benefit from Logitech’s latest release.

Logitech G Cloud
Logitech8217s latest handheld is designed to work with cloud gaming services such as Xbox Game Pass and Nvidia GeForce Now Credit XboxLogitech

Performance wise, Logitech’s handheld has more than enough power to keep up with the base models of its competitors. In fact, the 1080p touchscreen display trumps both the Switch and Steam Deck screens. However, the G Cloud’s inability to convert into a more powerful docked mode is a significant downfall. The decision to exclude this feature gives their competitors a performance and accessibility advantage. Also, the limited storage and reliance on cloud gaming means that the performance and ability to play most games is dependent on the strength and stability of internet connections.

Despite this, there are plenty of benefits to the focus on cloud gaming. Firstly, not having to store and manage games on the device means that more time could be put into improving other aspects of the gaming experience. For example, the battery life of the G Cloud is expected to be 12 hours or more, which is a big improvement on the battery life found on other handhelds. This makes long game sessions a lot easier when using the G Cloud. Another benefit of the G Cloud is the freedom of the android interface. Including Xbox Game Pass and Nvidia GeForce Now already offers a large library of games, but having access to the Google Play Store opens up the possibility of more game libraries being added to the list.

So what does this mean for gamers? Well, the G Cloud is not a direct competitor to other premium handhelds. Instead, this device is for mobile gamers and people always on the go that are looking for a dedicated portable streaming console. Logitech have also put a big focus on the remote play aspect of the G Cloud, making this device ideal for households in which multiple people share a screen for their Xbox, PC, and TV consumption. But one thing to note is that this device is not for someone who isn’t well connected to the internet or just looking to play games offline. In this case, investing in a Steam Deck or Switch is the much better option.

Logitech G Cloud 2
The Logitech G Cloud is a handheld-only device that focuses on streaming and cloud gaming. Credit: Logitech.
Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch introduced the hybrid format for consoles, allowing gamers to play the same game in portable and docked mode. Credit: Nintendo.
Steam Deck 2
Valve8217s Steam Deck is a hybrid console that lets you play and stream PC games Credit Steam Deck


The Logitech G Cloud gaming handheld is available to pre-order now on the Logitech G website, ready for its official release on October 17th 2022.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the G Cloud is currently sold-out. On top of this, it is only available in North America, with the device set to be slowly rolled out to other countries after the intial launch.

Logitech G Cloud 3
The G Cloud is only available in North America at the moment, but is set to release in other countries in the near future. Credit: Logitech.

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